Imager::Regops(3) generated information about the register based virtual machine


use Imager::Regops;
$Imager::Regops::Attr{$opname}->{opcode} # opcode for given operator
$Imager::Regops::Attr{$opname}->{parms} # number of parameters
$Imager::Regops::Attr{$opname}->{types} # types of parameters
$Imager::Regops::Attr{$opname}->{func} # operator is a function
$Imager::Regops::Attr{$opname}->{result} # r for numeric, p for pixel result
$Imager::Regops::MaxOperands; # maximum number of operands


This module is generated automatically from regmach.h so we don't need to maintain the same information in at least one extra place.

At least that's the idea.


Tony Cook, [email protected]