imagetops(1) generic image to ps filter


imagetops [-gray] [arguments for pnmtops] [filename]


imagetops is a generic image to ps filter. It can be used as print filter in KDE.

imagetops works in two steps:

the given file is converted to PNM format by analyzing the file format and calling the appropriate conversion program.
the file in PNM format is converted to PS format by calling pnmtops.

The supported mime types are: jpeg, png, x-png, bmp, x-bmp, gif and tiff.

imagetops supports reading the parameters via stdin. A temporary file in $TMPDIR (or /tmp if unset) is created then.



convert image to grayscale


arguments for pnmtops
arguments passed to pnmtops
image file to convert


The KDE project

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