imc(1) is the iTALC management console to setup iTALC.


imc [options]


imc®, is a X11 program to modify the various settings used by italc-client and italc-master.

imc is free software delivered as a ready-to-run binary distribution or as source code that you can freely use, copy, modify, and distribute. Its license is compatible with the GPL. It runs on all major operating systems.

The functionality of imc is typically utilized from X11 but also from the command line.

In the paragraphs below, find a short description for each command-line option.If you are just getting acquianted with imc, start the program without any options.

-ListConfig -l

The current configuration with all keys and values will be listed. This will give an output like

-SetConfigValue -s

The value of configuration property can be changed with this option. Examples:
  imc -SetConfigValue Logging/LogFileDirectory C: emp
  imc -s Logging/LogLevel=4

-ApplySettings -a

You can apply the settings previously saved in a settings file using this command. Examples:
  imc -ApplySettings MyCustomSettings.xml

-ImportPublicKey -i

You can import a public key file which has been exported during the installation of the iTALC master computer using this command or its abbreviation.

You can omit the the second parameter which specifies the public key file if it is located in the directory from which you launch IMC. IMC will automatically search for a *.key.txt file. If it finds exactly one, it'll import this one. Examples:
  imc -ImportPublicKey MyPublicKey.key.txt
  imc -i

-createkeypair <path>

creates a new key pair for the default role (teacher) with the specified "path" as base dir. If "path" is omitted the path is taken from the settings file. This is used in conjunction with role. If role is omitted the default role is "teacher".

-role [supporter|teacher|admin]

in connection with "createkeypair" creates a key pair for the specified role.

For more information about the imc, point your browser to file:///usr/share/doc/packages/imc or


Copyright (C) 2004-2011 Tobias Doerffel. Additional copyrights and licenses apply to this software, see