imontty(1) display status of all ISDN lines


imontty [ phonebook ]


imontty displays the status of all ISDN lines. No options are supported. Read access to /dev/isdninfo is required.

It is possible to supply the name of a phonebook file. The phonebook file has the following format:

   number<tab>name for number
The number must be the first thing on the line (no leading spaces). The name is separated from the number by a tab. Lines beginning with # are ignored, as are empty lines.

The output is similar to this:

ISDN channel status:
Channel                 Usage Type  Number
line0                   Out   Net   0204229700                  
line0                   Off         
Usage is one of Off(line), Out(going), In(coming) or Excl(usive).

Type is one of raw (raw device), Modem (modem/tty emulation), Net (IP interface), Voice (voice call) or Fax (fax transmission).

Number is either the called party's number (outgoing) or the calling party number (incoming).


Volker Götz [email protected]
manpage adapted from the README by Paul Slootman <[email protected]>