inadyn.conf(5) inadyn DDNS client configuration file




inadyn can read the very same command line options from a configuration file. This feature allows the user to write the options only once, and avoids frequent retyping.

The format of the file follows the UN*X tradition:

  • The ``#'' character denotes a comment.
  • Long options (those with ``--'' in front) can also be placed at the beginning of the line without ``--'' signs.
  • The \ character can be used as an escape character.


1. Config file with long options

# Some comments about the inadyn conf file
--username test
--password test
--period 60
--alias my.second.domain

2. Config file without ``--''

username test # user
password test
period 60 # some other param without '--'

Internet resources

The inadyn home page is


inadyn was written by An -nosplit An Narcis Ilisei Aq [email protected] , An Steve Horbachuk and later An Joachim Nilsson Aq [email protected] .

This manual page was initially written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by An Shaul Karl Aq [email protected] . Later Joachim Nilsson picked up maintenance.