incataloggds(3) test if cell belongs to the catalog file


#include "mut.h"
int incataloggds(figname)
char *figname;


Name of the cell to be checked


incataloggds checks a cell represented by its figname beeing present in the catalog file with the 'G' attribut. This means that the cell is a phantom of a gds cell.
This is useful when traducing a symbolic layout into physical one, because then the 'G' attribued cells are not to be translated, but just replaced in the output. This is mostly used for pads.
The catalog is the sum of all the catalogs of the cells libraries specified in the MBK_CATA_LIB(1) and MBK_WORK_LIB(1). The catalogs of the MBK_CATA_LIB(1) are the files called CATAL, and the MBK_WORK_LIB(1) is by default CATAL but can be changed to MBK_CATAL_NAME(1).


incataloggds returns 0 if the cell does not belong to the catalog with the 'G' attribut, a value different from 0 if it does.


#include "mut.h"
char *tell_if_incataloggds(name)
char *name;
   return incataloggds(name) ? "Jawohl, es ist ein pad" : "Nein, keine";