info2man(1) generate man pages from info documents


info2man info-file


info2man converts a GNU info file to a man page. It first generates a POD (Plain Old Documentation) file using info2pod(1), then converts this to a man page using pod2man(1).

info-file should be the full path to the info file (probably in /usr/share/info or similar).




The style of info documentation and man pages differs considerably. Info documentation is generally written as a book, making full use of chapters, hyperlinks, footnotes, and the like. By contrast, man pages are often intended as something closer to a reference card.

That said, many people prefer the interface used to view man pages (a normal pager) to the available info browsers. This program will convert the form, but not the content; don't expect it to possess the artificial intelligence necessary to turn a lengthy interconnected info file into a man page that is a model of conciseness!


Cameron Simpson <[email protected]> wrote info2man.

Colin Watson <[email protected]> wrote this manual page.