innwatch(8) Monitor the state of INN and the system


innwatch [-f ctlfile] [-i seconds] [-l logfile] [-t seconds]


innwatch is normally started by Every innwatchsleeptime seconds, as set in inn.conf, it examines the load average, and the number of free blocks and inodes on the spool partition, as described by its control file, innwatch.ctl in pathetc.

If the load gets too high, or the disk gets too full, it throttles the server. When the condition restores, it unblocks the server. In addition, on each pass through the loop, it will check the logfile pathlog/news.crit to see if it has been modified, and send mail to the news administrator if so.

Upon receipt of an interrupt signal (SIGINT), innwatch will report its status in the file innwatch.status in pathrun.


-f file
Specify the control file to use, other than the default of innwatch.ctl in pathetc.
-i seconds
With this option, innwatch has an initial sleep of seconds seconds at startup. This is useful when innwatch is started at the same time as INN, so that it can wait a little before beginning performing its checks.
-l logfile
Specify a log file to watch, other than the default of news.crit.
-t seconds
Specify the period in seconds between checks, to override the value set in inn.conf.


Written by Mike Cooper <[email protected]>, with modifications by <[email protected]>, Steve Groom <[email protected]> and Christophe Wolfhugel <[email protected]>. Converted to POD by Julien Elie.

$Id: innwatch.pod 9722 2014-09-24 17:47:12Z iulius $