intltool-merge(8) merge translated strings into various types of file


intltool-merge [option]... PO_DIRECTORY FILENAME OUTPUT_FILE


Merge translated strings in po files in PO_DIRECTORY with the original application file FILENAME, and output the file OUTPUT_FILE containing both original and localized strings.

If FILENAME is an XML file, OUTPUT_FILE will contain repeated xml nodes, where each node contains one of the localized strings with "xml:lang" attribute.


Mode of operation

Merge files in bonobo-activation style, which is used for bonobo servers.
Merge files in desktop style, which is similar to the Windows .ini file format.
Merge files in keys style, which is used for metadata.
(OBSOLETE) Same as -b/--ba-style.
Merge files in RFC 822 style, which is usually used in Debian configuration files.
Merge files in quoted string style, which just translates any strings within "".
Merge files in standard XML style, both as attributes and as raw pcdata.

Other options

Convert all strings to UTF-8 before merging.
Use strings as is in .po files without conversion (STRONGLY unrecommended with -x).
Be quiet while running.
Show version information.
Show usage and basic help information.


Cache file generated by intltool-merge, that contains all strings in all po files separated by \01.


Report bugs to


Darin Adler <[email protected]>
Kenneth Christiansen <[email protected]>
Maciej Stachowiak <[email protected]>