IO::Handle::Iterator(3) Iterator based read handle


IO::Handle::Iterator->new(sub {
return $next_line; # or undef on eof


This class lets you define a read handle with a few fallback methods (like "read") using a single callback that behaves like "getline".

This is similar but much simpler than:

        __read => sub { ... },

The reason being that the IO::Handle::Prototype::Fallback implementation will try its very best to behave correctly (i.e. respect the value of $/), whereas this implementation assumes it's fine to return things that aren't exactly lines from "getline", so the values are just passed through.


When a method that requires buffering is invoked the handle is reblessed to a subclass which handles buffering.

Calling "getline" again on this object will return the value of the buffer and return to the normal iterator class.