ipa-test-config(1) Generate FreeIPA test configuration for use in Bash scripts


ipa-test-config [options]
ipa-test-config [options] --global
ipa-test-config [options] hostname


The FreeIPA integration test suite is configured by setting environment variables. The ipa-run-tests command reads these variables and prints detailed configuration for shell-based scripts to standard output. The default output of ipa-run-tests consists of export statements that can be sourced by Bash.

If run without arguments, it prints out configuration specific to the local host. Another host may be specified as an argument, or via the --master, --replica, and --client options. With the --global option, it prints only configuration that is not specific to any host.


-h, --help
Print out the command's usage and exit
Output global configuration.
Output configuration for the given domain (environment). May be given as an index or name. By default, domain 1 is used.
Output configuration for the master
Output configuration for the replica with the given number
Output configuration for the client with the given number
Output configuration for the host with the given role.
Do not output Simple Vars. These are normally included for backwards compatibility.
Output configuration in YAML format instead of Bash script. This requires the PyYAML library to be installed.
Output configuration in JSON format instead of Bash script.


File-based configuration:


    Specifies a file that contains configuration in YAML format,
    as given by ipa-test-config --global --yaml.
    If given, the other environment variables are ignored.
    This requires the PyYAML library to be installed.


    Specifies a file that contains configuration in JSON format,
    as given by ipa-test-config --global --json.
    If given, the other environment variables are ignored.

Domain configuration:

    Domain is implicitly defined by _envX suffix of the environment variables,
    if either AD_envX or MASTER_envX is defined.

Host configuration:


    FQDN of the first IPA server

    FQDNs of other IPA servers (space-separated)

    FQDNs of IPA clients (space-separated)
$MASTER_env2, $REPLICA_env2, $CLIENT_env2, $MASTER_env3, $AD_env4,...

    can be used for additional domains when needed
$AD_env1, $AD_env2, $AD_env3, $AD_env4, ...

    can be used to define Active Directory domains. Please note that these
    domains are not treated as separate from the IPA domains, so please use an
    unique environment suffix for each of your Active Directory domains.
$TESTHOST_<keyword>_env<e>, e.g. $TESTHOST_LEGACY_env1

    Defines a host with extra role identified as lowercased <keyword>, e.g. 'legacy'.
<role><num>_IP_env<e>, e.g. $BEAKERREPLICA1_IP_env1

    the IP address of the given host
    Default: resolved via gethostbyname (or DNS if $IPv6SETUP is set)

Basic configuration:


    Directory for test data on the remote hosts
    Default: /root/ipatests

    IP of a DNS forwarder

    root password for the remote machines
    Used if $IPA_ROOT_SSH_KEY is not set.

    name of a file containing the private RSA key for root on the remote machines
    Default: ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Test customization:


    IPA domain name
    Default: taken from $MASTER

    NIS domain name
    Default: ipatest

    NIS domain name
    Default: ipatest

    Set to TRUE for IPv6-only connectivity

    Set to enable test debugging


    Admin username
    Default: admin

    Admin user password
    Default: Secret123

    Active Directory Administrator username
    Default: Administrator

    Active Directory Administrator password
    Default: Secret123

    Directory manager DN
    Default: cn=Directory Manager

    Directory manager password
    Default: Secret123


0 if the command was successful

1 if an error occurred


A full description of the FreeIPA integration testing framework is available at http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/Integration_testing