ipbori(1) An Interactive PolyBoRi Shell


ipbori [ -ipythonprefix prefix ] [ ipython-options ]


An interactive IPython shell for interfacing with the PolyBoRi framework. It offers full support of specialized data structures as well as C/C++- and Python-based algorithms for treating polynomials over Boolean rings.


This options allows to select a path for the IPython executable in the case of multiple IPython installations.

Alternatively, the environment variable IPYTHONPREFIX may be set accordingly.

In addition IPython options may be added to the command line.


Defines a path for the IPython executable. It can be overwritten by the -ipythonprefix option.


The core of PolyBoRi is a C++ library, which is wrapped and extended by a Python interface. Essentially, ipbori calls IPython together with a profile for using PolyBoRi's python interface. It can be used as a special purpose computer-algebra system for computation with polynomials over Boolean rings. In ipbori a global ring is already predefined and a set of variables called x(0), ..., x(9999). The default ordering is lexicographical ordering (lp).

For more details, see the PolyBoRi documentation. In particular, have a look at the tutorial, the doxygen part for the core library, and pythondoc part for the high-level routines.


The PolyBoRi framework was created by The PolyBoRi Team <[email protected]>, consisting of Michael Brickenstein <[email protected]> (high-level algorithms, primary designer) and Alexander Dreyer <[email protected]> (low-level routines, project infrastructure, and this man page).