ipcluster(1) IPython parallel computing cluster control tool


ipcluster {piexec,local,mpirun,pbs,ssh} [options]


ipcluster is a control tool for IPython's parallel computing functions.

IPython cluster startup. This starts a controller and engines using various approaches. Use the IPYTHONDIR environment variable to change your IPython directory from the default of .ipython or _ipython. The log and security subdirectories of your IPython directory will be used by this script for log files and security files.


The first positional argument should be one of: {mpiexec, local, mpirun, pbs, ssh}, which are the available cluster types.

For detailed help on each, type "ipcluster TYPE --help". Briefly:

  local         run a local cluster
  mpirun        run a cluster using mpirun (mpiexec also works)
  mpiexec       run a cluster using mpiexec (mpirun also works)
  pbs           run a pbs cluster
  ssh           run a cluster using ssh, should have ssh-keys setup


-h, --help
show help message and exit


ipcluster local -n 4

This command will start 4 IPython engines on the local computer.


ipcluster is a tool that ships with IPython, created by the IPython Development Team.

This manual page was written by Stephan Peijnik <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Modified by Fernando Perez <[email protected]> for inclusion in IPython.