ipmilan(8) IPMI LAN to System Interface Converter


ipmilan [-c configfile] [-i ipmidevice] [-d] [-n]


The ipmilan daemon allows an IPMI system interface using the OpenIPMI device driver to be accessed using the IPMI 1.5 or 2.0 LAN protocol.

ipmilan supports the full authentication capabilities of the IPMI LAN protocol.

ipmilan supports multiple IP addresses for fault-tolerance. Note that messages coming in on an address are always sent back out on the same address they came in.


-c config-file
Set the configuration file to one other than the default of /etc/ipmi_lan.conf
Stops the daemon from forking and detaching from the controlling terminal. This is useful for running from init.
Turns on debugging to standard output. You generally have to use -n with this.


Configuration is accomplished through the file /etc/ipmi_lan.conf. A file with another name or path may be specified using the -c option. See the ipmi_lan config file man page for more details.


ipmilan implements normal IPMI security. The default is no access for anyone, so the default is pretty safe, but be careful what you add, because this is access to control your box. straight and none authorizations are not recommended, you should probably stick with md2 or md5.


ipmilan should handle SIGHUP and reread it's configuration files. However, it doesn't right now. It might in the future, for now you will have to kill it and restart it. Clients should handle reconnecting in this case. If they don't, they are broken.


At startup, all error output goes to stderr. After that, all error output goes to syslog.




Currently, ipmilan does not implement writing the config file. IPMI commands to change configuration options are accepted, but the permanent writing of the changes does not currently work.


Corey Minyard <[email protected]>