ippusbxd(1) userland driver for IPP-over-USB class printers


ippusbxd [-v VENDOR_ID] [-m PRODUCT_ID] [-s SERIAL_NUMBER] [-p PORT_NUMBER] [-l] [-d] [-q] [-n] [-d]


ippusbxd connects to a IPP-over-USB printer and exposes it to localhost. Upon successful startup the TCP port it is listening on is printed to stdout. It will shut itself down when the connected printer disconnects. By default ippusbxd scans and connects to the first available IPP-over-USB printer.


Show help message.
USB vendor id of desired printer.
USB product id of desired printer.
Serial number of desired printer.
Port number ippusbxd will expose the printer over.
Send all logging to syslog.
Enable verbose logging.
Enables no fork mode. Disables deamonization.
Enables debug mode. Implies -q and -n. Verbose logging will be sent to stdout


To bind to the first available IPP-over-USB printer and see trace statements:

ippusbxd -d