ipsec_strerror(3) error messages for the IPsec policy manipulation library


Lb libipsec


In netinet6/ipsec.h Ft const char * Fn ipsec_strerror void


netinet6/ipsec.h declares

extern int ipsec_errcode

which is used to pass an error code from the IPsec policy manipulation library to a program. Fn ipsec_strerror can be used to obtain the error message string for the error code.

The array pointed to is not to be modified by the calling program. Since Fn ipsec_strerror uses strerror(3) as underlying function, calling strerror(3) after Fn ipsec_strerror will make the return value from Fn ipsec_strerror invalid or overwritten.


Fn ipsec_strerror always returns a pointer to a C string. The C string must not be overwritten by the calling program.


Fn ipsec_strerror first appeared in the WIDE/KAME IPv6 protocol stack kit.


Fn ipsec_strerror will return its result which may be overwritten by subsequent calls.

ipsec_errcode is not thread safe.