iptotal_config(5) iptotal configuration file




iptotal reads configuration data from /etc/iptotal.cfg (or the file specified with -c on the command line). The file contains keyword-argument pairs, one per line. Lines starting with '#' and empty lines are interpreted as comments.

The possible keywords and their meanings are as follows (note that keywords are case-insensitive and arguments are case-sensitive):

debug <level>
Debug level: 0 - no debuging; 1 - summary; 3 - all packets captured. The default is 0.
interface <interface>
Interface iptotal is to monitor. The default is eth0.
filter <filterstr>
Use pcap filters (see tcpdump).
fork <choice>
"no" to run in foreground, "yes" in background. The default is "no".
maskbits <maskbits>
Set number of network mask bits (1-32) for subnet traffic aggregation. Default is 24 (
report <seconds>
Reporting period - number of seconds, default 300.


File that defines the configuration used to invoke iptotal(1).


Written by Antoine Megens <[email protected]>

Manpage written by Millis Miller <[email protected]>


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