ipwatchd-gnotify(1) Notification tool for Gnome environment


ipwatchd-gnotify [--debug] [--broadcast] --title message_title --message message_content
ipwatchd-gnotify --version
ipwatchd-gnotify --help


IPwatchD-G-Notify is notification tool for Gnome environment used by IPwatchD daemon to display notification "bubble" when IP conflict occurs.


The following options are supported:
-d --debug
Prints debug information to standard output.
-b --broadcast
Sends notification to all active displays. Requires root privileges.
-t --title
Specifies title of the notification window.
-m --message
Specifies message shown in the notification window.
-v --version
Prints program version to standard output.
-h --help
Prints short help information to standard output.


This manual page was written by Jaroslav Imrich <[email protected]>