irmp3conf(1) creates a default configuration file for irmp3d


irmp3conf [-c <input file> ] [-f <output file> ]


This program will upgrade or generate an irmp3d configuration file, using an exiting config file if it exists.

It will do it's best to upgrade the file properly, keeping the default settings when available, changing deprecated options, adding missing options with default values, and keeping unknow options at the bottom of the file


-c, --config=<Input File>
The file from which values will be read to generate the configuration file. It defaults to the default configuration file. use an empty file as input file to have an "all default" config file generated
-f, --f=<Output file>
The name of the file to generate, will default to the default configuration file


the default file, bothfor input and output


To upgrade an existing config file at the default location do


to see what an upgrade would do run it on a temp file that you can check first

irmp3conf -f <temp file>


Jeremy Rosen <[email protected]>