isomarkboot(1) Create bootable CD-ROMs for Linux/Alpha systems.


isomarkboot /dev/xxx path/to/bootlx [ path/to/root.bin ]


isomarkboot is Copyright (C) 1996 David Mosberger-Tang


isomarkboot enables ISO images created with mkisofs(8) or retrieved from the net to be booted on Linux/Alpha systems.

First you have to prepare your ISO image and mount it loopback on /dev/xxx (typically /dev/loop0) (see mount(8) for details).

Next you need to locate the aboot-loader (called bootlx) and the RAM-disk image containing the root file system (the latter is optional but usually sensible to specify) which is often called root.bin within your ISO image.

Finally enable the image to be booted:

isomarkboot /dev/xxx path/to/bootlx path/to/root.bin

A typical location of bootlx on the disk image is boot/bootlx. The paths of bootlx and root.bin are relative to the root of the image. If your image is not mounted you have to replace /dev/xxx with the path to the image.

Finally you have to burn the CD using e.g. xcdroast after unmounting the image.


isomarkboot is not heavily tested on architectures other than Linux/Alpha, though it compiles (with slight patches). Please report bugs if you experience them.


isomarkboot is capable of handling symlinks within the image.


This man page was written by Helge Kreutzmann <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux project but may be used by others.