itofix(3) Converts an integer to fixed point. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

fixed itofix(int x);


Converts an integer to fixed point. This is the same thing as x<<16. Remember that overflows (trying to convert an integer greater than 32767) and underflows (trying to convert an integer lesser than -32768) are not detected even in debug builds! The values simply "wrap around". Example:

   fixed number;
   /* This conversion is OK. */
   number = itofix(100);
   ASSERT(fixtoi(number) == 100);
   number = itofix(64000);
   /* This check will fail in debug builds. */
   ASSERT(fixtoi(number) == 64000);


Returns the value of the integer converted to fixed point ignoring overflows.