iva_qc_make_db(1) make a database as input for iva_qc


usage: iva_qc_make_db [options] <output directory>

positional arguments:

Name of output directory

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
--add_to_ref Filename
Filename of Genbank IDs or GI numbers to be added to database. Format is: whitespace separated list of GI numbers on each line. One line defines one genome (e.g. flu is 8 segements, so put 8 GI numbers on one line for one flu reference)
Do not run kraken-build --download-library viruses when building the database. If this option used, then --add_to_ref must also be used
--threads INT
Number of threads to use [1]
--minimizer_len INT
Number to pass to kraken-build minimizer_len option [13]
--max_db_size INT
Number to pass to kraken-build max_db_size option [3]
Be verbose
show program's version number and exit