ixp_sendmsg(3) ixp_recvmsg


#include <ixp.h>
uint ixp_sendmsg(int fd, IxpMsg *msg);
uint ixp_recvmsg(int fd, IxpMsg *msg);


These functions read and write messages to and from the given file descriptors.

ixp_sendmsg writes the data at msg->pos upto msg->end. If the call returns non-zero, all data is assured to have been written.

ixp_recvmsg first reads a 32 bit, little-endian length from fd and then reads a message of that length (including the 4 byte size specifier) into the buffer at msg->data, so long as the size is less than msg->size.


These functions return the number of bytes read or written, or 0 on error. Errors are stored in ixp_errbuf(3).