jadejs(1) high performance template engine


-h, --help
output usage information
-V, --version
output the version number
-O, --obj <str>
javascript options object
-o, --out <dir>
output the compiled html to <dir>
-p, --path <path>
filename used to resolve includes
-P, --pretty
compile pretty html output
-c, --client
compile function for client-side runtime.js
-D, --no-debug
compile without debugging (smaller functions)
-w, --watch
watch files for changes and automatically re-render


translate jade the templates dir
$ jadejs templates
create {foo,bar}.html
$ jadejs {foo,bar}.jade
jade over stdio
$ jadejs < my.jade > my.html
jade over stdio
$ echo 'h1 Jade!' | jadejs
foo, bar dirs rendering to /tmp
$ jadejs foo bar --out /tmp