jasmin(1) Java assembler compiler


jasmin jasmin [-d <directory>] [-version] <file> [<file> ...]


jasmin is a Java ASseMbler INterface. It takes ASCII descriptions of Java classes, written in the Java Virtual Machine instruction set in an assembler-like syntax.

Jasmin converts these input files into binary Java class files (.class) suitable for executing on an Java Virtual Machine.


-d <directory>
Destination directory where the resulting files are to be placed.
Show version of program.
<file> ...
Source .j (Jasmin Java assembler format) file(s) to be compiled.


This manual page was written by Grzegorz Prokopski (Debian Developer) <[email protected]> and Chris Lamb <[email protected]> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). It is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.