JavaScript::Runtime(3) Runs contexts




new ( $maxbytes )
Creates a new runtime object. The optional argument $maxbytes specifies the number of bytes that can be allocated before garbage collection is runned. If ommited it defaults to 1MB.


create_context ()
Creates a new "JavaScript::Context"-object in the runtime.
set_interrupt_handler ( $handler )
Attaches an interrupt handler (a function that is called before each op is executed ) to the runtime. The argument $handler must be either a code-reference or the name of a subroutine in the calling package.

To remove the handler call this method with an undef as argument.

Note that attaching an interrupt handler to the runtime causes a slowdown in execution speed since we must execute some Perl code between each op.

In order to abort execution your handler should a false value (such as 0). All true values will continue execution. Any exceptions thrown by the handler are ignored and [email protected] is cleared.