Jifty::Action::Autocomplete(3) An action for making autocompletion suggestions


A built-in Jifty::Action which returns suggested autocompletions for a given argument of an action. Generally this is called by Jifty's internals through "/__jifty/autocomplete.xml".

This action gets its data to "/__jifty/autocomplete.xml" by filling in the "completions" of the ``content'' in Jifty::Result.


The arguments for "Autocomplete" are:
The moniker of an action we want to pull a field to autocomplete from.
The fully qualified name of the argument to "action" that we want to complete.


Find the submitted action in the Jifty::Request named by the "action" above, and ask it for autocompletion possibilities for the argument in question.


Jifty is Copyright 2005-2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC. Jifty is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.