Jifty::DBI::HasFilters(3) abstract class for objects that has filters


my $record = Jifty::DBI::Record->new(...);
$record->input_filters( 'Jifty::DBI::Filter::Truncate',
my @filters = $record->output_filters;


This abstract class provide generic interface for setting and getting input and output data filters for Jifty::DBI objects. You shouldn't use it directly, but Jifty::DBI::Handle, Jifty::DBI::Record and Jifty::DBI::Column classes inherit this interface.



Returns array of the input filters, if arguments list is not empty then set input filter.


Deals similar with list of output filters, but unless you defined own list returns reversed list of the input filters. In common situation you don't need to define own list of output filters, but use this method to get default list based on the input list.

filters FILTERS

Sets the input and output filters at the same time. Returns a hash, with keys "input" and "output", whose values are array references to the respective lists.