Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Mixin::Model::Commented(3) add comments to a model


package App::Model::Fooble;
use Jifty::DBI::Schema;
use App::Record schema {
column scribble => type is 'text';
column wobble => type is 'int';
use Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Mixin::Model::Commented;


Add this mixin to a model if you'd like to attach comments to it. Comments can be used to allow users of your system to comment upon and discuss the record to which they are attached.



This method performs some rather devious magic to make everything work easily. It automatically generates an additional model for your application. This model will look something like this:

  use strict;
  use warnings;
  package App::Model::FoobleComment;
  use Jifty::DBI::Schema;
  use Jifty::Record schema {
      column commented_upon =>
          references App::Model::Fooble,
          label is 'Commented upon',
          is mandatory,
          is immutable,
      column the_comment =>
          references App::Model::Comment,
          label is 'Comment',
          is mandatory,
          is immutable,
          is distinct,
  App::Model::FoobleComment->add_trigger( before_access => sub {
      my $self = shift;
      my ($right, %args) = @_;
      if ($right eq 'create') {
          return 'allow' if $self->current_user->id;
      if ($right eq 'read') {
          return 'allow';
      return $self->App::Model::FoobleComment::current_user_can(@_);

You will need to define an "before_access" trigger for this class if you want it to be useful.


Returns a value to be used with the comment views. It's basically just a string identifying the class name and ID of the record.


Returns a collection of Jifty::Plugin::Comment::Model::Comment objects that have been attached to the current record. (Actually, it returns the a collection of the local application class, e.g. "App::Model::CommentCollection".)


This is the name of the linking class that was created during ``import''.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp "<[email protected]>"


Copyright 2007 Boomer Consulting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software and may be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.