Jifty::Plugin::CSSQuery(3) use the cssQuery JavaScript library with Jifty


In your etc/config.yml:

- CSSQuery: {}


cssQuery() is a powerful cross-browser JavaScript function that enables querying of a DOM document using CSS selectors. All CSS1 and CSS2 selectors are allowed plus quite a few CSS3 selectors.

This is a Jifty plugin that let you use cssQuery javascript library in your Jifty application. cssQuery has been bundle with Jifty for a long time, for Jifty use it internally. Now it's been replaced with jQuery. It's now a plugin for backward compatibility.

It is disabled by default, unless your "ConfigFileVersion" is smaller or equal then 2.

For more information about cssQuery, see <http://dean.edwards.name/my/cssQuery/>.



This initializes the plugin, which simply includes the JavaScript necessary to load cssQuery, and gets rid of the cssQuery-jquery back-compat script.


This plugin is Copyright 2007 Handlino, Inc.

It is available for modification and distribution under the same terms as Perl itself.

cssQuery is available for use in all personal or commercial projects under both MIT and GPL licenses. This means that you can choose the license that best suits your project and use it accordingly. See <http://jifty.com/> for current information on cssQuery copyrights and licensing.