Jifty::Script::Script(3) Add a new Jifty script to your Jifty application


jifty script --name my_new_script
jifty script --name my_new_script --force
jifty script --help
jifty script --man


Add a skeleton command-line script file.


--name NAME (required)
Name of the script to create.
By default, this will stop and warn you if any of the files it is going to write already exist. Passing the --force flag will make it overwrite the files.
Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.


This creates a skeleton of a new script file for your Jifty application. Often such a script is needed for cron jobs, annual maintenance work, and any other server-side activity that would benefit from a command-line script.



Creates a skeleton file under "bin/script".

TODO Should this create skeleton test files too?