jigl2slideshow(1) Creates an input file for dvd-slideshow from pictures in a jigl online photo album.


jigl2slideshow -o <output directory> [-t <Seconds per picture>] <path to album>


Generates a text file listing of the pictures visible in a given jigl (http://xome.net/projects/jigl/) photo album in order to easily pass the information to dvd_slideshow.

This has not been updated for some time, so if you use this, let the developers know so they know there is interest...


[-o <Output directory>]
Directory where the output file will be written. If not specified, the current directory is used.

[-t <Seconds per picture>]
Number of seconds to display each picture in the movie. Defaults to 5 seconds if not specified.

<path to album>
The path to the gallery.dat that you want to generate a slideshow for.



Scott Dylewski <scott at dylewski dot com>