jsymphonic(1) File manager for Sony's MP3 players




jsymphonic manages files stored on a Sony MP3 player plugged onto the computer.

Important note: The MP3 player should be mounted first ! You might want to use pmount(1) to mount it without needing root privileges.

The first time it is run, jsymphonic will ask you in which directory the MP3 player is mounted. This directory should not change, or you will need to configure it again. If jsymphonic complains that it cannot find the OMGAUDIO folder, it means that either the music player is not mounted, either the path of the player has not been set yet. If that is the case, set it using the JSymphonic/Properties menu item.


This program is a shell script wrapper based on java-wrappers(7). You therefore benefit from several features; please see the java-wrappers(7) manual page for more information about them.


This manual page was written by Vincent Fourmond <[email protected]> from the Debian project, but may be used by others.