kaptain(1) Universal graphical front-end for command-line programs.


kaptain [options] file


kaptain reads the given file and builds a user-friendly dialog according to the grammar rules found in it.

See info kaptain for a detailed overview.


kaptain accepts the following options:

-h, --help
Show summary of options.
Run in verbose mode.

Show version of program.

Run in test mode. This means that commands are not executed when a button is pressed, only printed to the standard output.

-V, --verbose
Report more information on processing the input file. Internal representation of the grammar and the dialog tree is also printed. Use this flag if Kaptain does not work as expected.

-c <host:port>, --client <host:port>
Establish communication channel as a client connecting to a server on <host> listening on <port>.

-s <port>, --server <port>
Listen to the specified <port> and accept the first connection. This will be used as a communication channel.

-p <command>, --pipe <command>
Start the given command and communicate with it on its standard input and output. Don't forget to quote <command> if it contains spaces or other metacharacters used by the shell.

Use standard input and output for communication. In this case you must specify an input file, thus grammar script cannot be read from the standard input when it is used as a communication channel.
Instructs Kaptain not to process messages received on the input channel.
If this flag is set, Kaptain will not send any messages on its output channel.


Zsolt TerĂ©k <[email protected]>.