kdb-file(1) Displays which file a key is stored in


kdb file <path>

Where path is the path of a key.


This command prints which file a given key is stored in.
While many keys are stored in a default key database file, many others are stored in any number of configuration files located all over the system.
This tool is made to allow users to find out the file that a key is actually stored in.
This command makes use of Elektra's resolver plugin which the uer can learn more about by running the command kdb info resolver.


-H, --help
Show the man page.
-V, --version
Print version info.
-n, --no-newline
Suppress the newline at the end of the output.
-N, --namespace ns
Specify the namespace to use when writing cascading keys. Default: value of /sw/kdb/current/namespace or user.


Specifies which default namespace should be used when setting a cascading name. Note, that as root you can set user/sw/kdb/current/namespace to system to get the expected default. (by default the namespace is user)


To find which file a key is stored in:
kdb file user/example/key