kdb-get(1) Get the value of a key stored in the key database


kdb get <path>

Where path is the full path to the key.


This command is used to retrieve the value of a key.

If you enter a path starting with a leading /, then a cascading lookup will be performed in order to attempt to locate the key.
In this case, using the -v option allows the user to see the full path of the key if it is found.

Note: There is a current limitation where only keys that are mounted will be considered during a cascading lookup.
A workaround that will lookup all keys is to pass the -a option.
Additionally, a user can use the command kdb ls <same key> to see if an override or a fallback will be considered by the lookup.


-H, --help
Show the man page.
-V, --version
Print version info.
-a, --all
Consider all of the keys.
-n, --no-newline
Suppress the newline at the end of the output.
-v, --verbose
Explain what is happening. Gives a complete trace of all tried keys.


To get the value of a key:
kdb get user/example/key

To get the value of a key using a cascading lookup:
kdb get /example/key

To get the value of a key without adding a newline to the end of it: kdb get -n /example/key

To explain why a specific key was used (for cascading keys): kdb get -v /example/key