kdb-getmeta(1) Get the value of a meta key stored in the key database


kdb getmeta <key-name> <meta-name>

Where key-name is the full path to the key and meta-name is the name of the meta key the user would like to access.


This command is used to print the value of a meta key. A meta key is information stored in a key which describes that key.

The handling of cascading key-name does not differ to kdb get. Make sure to use the namespace spec, if you want meta-data from there.


This command will return the following values as an exit status:
* 0: No errors. * 1: Key not found. (Invalid path) * 2: Meta key not found. (Invalid meta-name).


-H, --help: Show the man page.
-V, --version: Print version info.
-n, --no-newline: Suppress the newline at the end of the output.


To get the value of a meta key called description stored in the key spec/example/key: kdb getmeta spec/example/key description

To get the value of meta key called override/#0 stored in the key spec/example/dir/key: kdb getmeta spec/example/dir/key "override/#0"