kdb-test(1) Run test(s) on the key database


kdb test <path> [<test-name> ...]

Where path is the path to key which the user wishes to perform the test under. The option test-name argument is used to specify which test(s) to run. To run multiple tests, each should be named with a trailing space.
If no test-name is provided, all the tests will be run.


This command is used to run part or all of the key database test suite.
These tests allow to user to verify that a backend is capable of storing and retrieving all kinds of configuration keys and values.

The following tests are available: basic string umlauts binary naming meta


-H, --help
Show the man page.
-V, --version
Print version info.


To run all tests below the user/example/tests key:
kdb test user/example/tests

To run the binary and naming tests:
kdb test user/example/tests binary naming