kdb::tools::Plugins(3) set or error)

Other Alias

A collection of plugins either get


#include <plugins.hpp>

Inherited by kdb::tools::ErrorPlugins [private], kdb::tools::GetPlugins [private], and kdb::tools::SetPlugins [private].

Public Member Functions

void addInfo (Plugin &plugin)

bool validateProvided ()

bool checkPlacement (Plugin &plugin, std::string which)

void checkOrdering (Plugin &plugin)

void checkConflicts (Plugin &plugin)

Detailed Description

A collection of plugins (either get, set or error)

Member Function Documentation

void kdb::tools::Plugins::addInfo (Plugin &plugin)

Add needed, provided and recommend information

void kdb::tools::Plugins::checkConflicts (Plugin &plugin)

Check conflicts of plugins.

void kdb::tools::Plugins::checkOrdering (Plugin &plugin)

Check ordering of plugins.

bool kdb::tools::Plugins::checkPlacement (Plugin &plugin, std::stringwhich)


true if plugin should be ignored

bool kdb::tools::Plugins::validateProvided ()

Validate needed, and provided information. (Recommended ignored,

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