kea-dhcp4(8) DHCPv4 server in Kea


kea-dhcp4 [-v] [-V] [-W] [-d] [-cconfig-file] [-pport-number]


The kea-dhcp4 daemon provides the DHCPv4 server implementation.


The arguments are as follows:


Display the version.


Display the extended version.


Display the configuration report.


Enable the debug mode with extra verbosity.


Configuration file including the configuration for DHCPv4 server. It may also contain configuration entries for other Kea services.


Port number (1-65535) on which the server listens. This is useful for testing purposes only.


The b10-dhcp4 daemon was first coded in November 2011 by Tomek Mrugalski.

Kea became a standalone server and the BIND10 framework was removed. The DHCPv4 server binary was renamed to kea-dhcp4 in July 2014.


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