keepalived.(8) keepalive demon


/usr/sbin/keepalived [-n] [-f keepalived.conf] [-d] [-h] [-v]


The keepalived The keepalived server implements the vrrpd routing demon which enables routing failover for a pair (or set) of routers (or LVS directors) and the keepalived demon which sets up and does the health checking of virtual services in a Linux Virtual Servier.


--vrrp, -P
Only run the VRRP subsystem.
--check, -C
Only run the healthchecker subsystem.
--dont-release-vrrp, -V
leave (don't remove) VRRP VIPs & VROUTEs on daemon stop.
--dont-release-ipvs, -I
Dont remove IPVS topology on daemon stop.
--dont-fork, -n
Dont fork the daemon process.
--use-file, -f keepalived.conf_file
Use the specified configuration file.
--wdog-vrrp, -R
Define VRRP watchdog polling delay (default=5s)
--wdog-check, -H
Define healthchecker's watchdog polling delay (default=5s)
--dump-conf, -d
Dump the configuration data.
--log-console, -l
Log messages to local console.
--log-detail, -D
Detailed log messages (the default with the rc script provided).
--log-facility, -S
0-7 Set syslog facility to LOG_LOCAL[0-7] (default=LOG_DAEMON)
--help, -h
Display a short inlined help screen.
--version, -v
Display the version number.




Joseph Mack
from inspection of the output of keepalived --help from keepalived-1.1.4