Kephra::API::CommandList(3) external API for user callable functions


The CommandList is a dynamically changeable list, that contains all the function calls for every menu item, toolbar button and most other widget items. It holds also label, help text, key binding, icon and more for each command. All these properties have to be changed globally here in a clean way. These commands where used by different gui elements, that allows menu and toolbar definitions to be very compact, readable and and easy changeable.

Names of commands contain dashes as separator of namespaces.


  • ID - unique identifier, hashkey, following hash is its value
  • call - CODEREF : actual action, performed when this command is called
  • sub - string : name of the called routine
  • enable - CODEREF : returns enable status (0 for disable)
  • enable_event - string : API::EventTable ID when to check to en/disable
  • state - CODEREF : that returns state value (for switches)
  • state_event - string : API::EventTable ID when to check is state changed
  • label - string : descriptive name
  • help - string : short help sentence
  • key - string : label of key binding
  • keycode - numeric keycode
  • icon - Wx::Bitmap