kf(1) securely forward tickets


[-p port --port = port ] [-l login --login = login ] [-c ccache --ccache = ccache ] [-F | -forwardable ] [-G | -no-forwardable ] [-h | -help ] [--version ] host ...


The program forwards tickets to a remote host through an authenticated and encrypted stream. Options supported are:

-p port --port = port
port to connect to
-l login --login = login
remote login name
-c ccache --ccache = ccache
remote cred cache
-F , -forwardable
forward forwardable credentials
-G , -no-forwardable
do not forward forwardable credentials
-h , -help

is useful when you do not want to enter your password on a remote host but want to have your tickets one for example AFS.

In order for to work you will need to acquire your initial ticket with forwardable flag, i.e. kinit --forwardable

telnet is able to forward tickets by itself.