kluppe(1) loop-player and recorder designed for live use




This manual page documents briefly the kluppe program, a graphical loop player and recorder.

To start using kluppe , first start the jackd server, then kluppe, and create a new looper. You can either start recording a new sound (using create a new buffer), or load a sound file. For each looper, select the buffer you want to use.

kluppe features include:

   - multiple files buffers, multiple 'loopers' tracks

   - direct (gui) access to all loopers

   - combined and per loop output ports for jack

   - different playmodes including "granular"


If a projectfile is given as startup argument, kluppe will try to open it.


This manual page was written by Paul Brossier <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).