kmsgsd(8) separates iptables messages from all other kernel messages.




kmsgsd reads messages from the /var/lib/psad/psadfifo named pipe and prints any firewall related log messages to the psad data file "/var/log/psad/fwdata". psad cannot detect port scans or other suspect traffic without kmsgsd running on the machine. kmsgsd uses the psad.conf configuration file which by default is located at /etc/psad/psad.conf, but a different path can be specified on the command line.


-c <config-file>
Specify path to config file instead of using the default configuration file /etc/psad/psad.conf.
Dump the configuration values that kmsgd derives from /etc/psad/psad.conf (or other override files) on STDERR.
Display usage information and exit.
-O <config-file>
Override config variable values that are normally read from the /etc/psad/psad.conf file with values from the specified file. Multiple override config files can be given as a comma separated list.


Michael Rash ([email protected])

This manual page was written by Daniel Gubser <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


psad is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and the latest version may be downloaded from