koji(1) Koji build client


koji [,global-options/] ,command /[,command-options-and-arguments/]


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-c FILE, --config=,FILE/
use alternate configuration file
-p PROFILE, --profile=,PROFILE/
specify a configuration profile
specify a Kerberos keytab to use
specify a Kerberos principal to use
run as the specified user (requires special privileges)
specify user
specify password
do not authenticate
authenticate even for read-only operations
force use of a type of authentication, options: noauth, ssl, password, or kerberos
-d, --debug
show debug output
show xmlrpc debug output
-q, --quiet
run quietly
don't actually run main
-s SERVER, --server=,SERVER/
url of XMLRPC server
specify topdir
url of the Koji web interface
url for Koji file access
list commands