krb524_convert_creds_kdc(3) krb524_convert_creds_kdc_ccache


Kerberos 5 Library (libkrb5, -lkrb5)


In krb5.h Ft krb5_error_code Fo krb524_convert_creds_kdc Fa krb5_context context Fa krb5_creds *in_cred Fa struct credentials *v4creds Fc Ft krb5_error_code Fo krb524_convert_creds_kdc_ccache Fa krb5_context context Fa krb5_ccache ccache Fa krb5_creds *in_cred Fa struct credentials *v4creds Fc


Convert the Kerberos 5 credential to Kerberos 4 credential. This is done by sending them to the 524 service in the KDC.

Fn krb524_convert_creds_kdc converts the Kerberos 5 credential in Fa in_cred to Kerberos 4 credential that is stored in Fa credentials .

Fn krb524_convert_creds_kdc_ccache is different from Fn krb524_convert_creds_kdc in that way that if Fa in_cred doesn't contain a DES session key, then a new one is fetched from the KDC and stored in the cred cache Fa ccache , and then the KDC is queried to convert the credential.

This interfaces are used to make the migration to Kerberos 5 from Kerberos 4 easier. There are few services that still need Kerberos 4, and this is mainly for compatibility for those services. Some services, like AFS, really have Kerberos 5 supports, but still uses the 524 interface to make the migration easier.