ktap(1) lightweight script-based dynamic tracing tool for Linux


ktap [,options/] ,file /[,script args/] ,-- cmd /[,args/]
ktap [,options/] ,-e one-liner -- cmd /[,args/]


Options and arguments:

-o file
: send script output to file, instead of stderr
-p pid
: specific tracing pid
-C cpu
: cpu to monitor in system-wide
: show timestamp for event
: show version
: enable verbose mode
: suppress start tracing message
: dry run mode(register NULL callback to perf events)
: simple event tracing
: list byte codes
-le [glob]
: list pre-defined events in system
-lf DSO
: list available functions from DSO
-lm DSO
: list available sdt notes from DSO
: program read from script file
-- cmd [args]
: workload to tracing


To make ktap work, firstly you need to load "ktapvm" module:

       modprobe ktapvm