ladvdc(8) display link layer advertisements


ladvdc [ INTERFACE ] [ INTERFACE ] ...


ladvdc displays link layer advertisements received by ladvd(8) running in receive mode (via -a or -z). Optionally a list of protocols and/or interfaces can be supplied to limit the amount of information displayed. Only users in the ladvd group are allowed to connect to the daemon.


Print output in a format suitable for inclusion in shell scripts.
Dump pcap-compatible packets to stdout which can be piped to tcpdump (via "| tcpdump -r -") or redirected to a file for further analysis.
Print a full decode of each advertisement (not implemented).
Print usage instructions.
Only print the first advertisement.
-p http://domain.tld/script
Post decoded packets to the supplied url.
Increase logging verbosity.
Parse LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol).
Parse CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol).
Parse EDP (Extreme Discovery Protocol).
Parse FDP (Foundry Discovery Protocol).
Parse NDP (Nortel Discovery Protocol) formerly called SynOptics Network Management Protocol (SONMP).


Sten Spans <[email protected]>