lasblock(1) pre-process LAS files into blocks


lasblock [-h | [-c arg] [-p arg] -i arg [-o arg] [-v] ]


lasblock displays LAS file details with optional output filters. While lasblock can do a few simple operations like updating header information, more drastic changes, like removing points or altering values, will require las2las(1).


-h, --help
Produce help message
-c arg, --capacity arg
Number of points to nominally put into each block (note that this number will not be exact). Default: 3000
-p arg, --precision arg
Number of decimal points to write for each bbox. Default: 8
-i arg, --input arg
input LAS file
-o arg, --output arg
The output .kdx file (defaults to input filename + .kdx)
-v, --verbose
Verbose message output


Block a file, and write out blocks with 6 decimals of precision with a nominal capacity of 3000 points per block:

lasblock -c 3001 -p 6 myfile.las

Note. If no capacity is specified with -c, 10000 is assumed.

Note. lasblock will always write out a myfile.las.kdx file name by default, but you can override the output name with a -o command-line switch.